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GoSwap EV - Empowering Change with Swappable Battery Technology

At GoSwap EV, we are driven by a vision of a greener and more sustainable future. Our team of passionate engineers and visionaries has developed a cutting-edge Swappable Battery Technology that redefines electric mobility. With our unique approach, we aim to make electric vehicles accessible to all and eliminate the barriers that have held back EV adoption in Bangladesh.

Our Services

GoSwap revolutionizes the electric vehicle (EV) industry with its extensive range of high-performance and eco-friendly offerings, including advanced Li-ion batteries, convenient swapping services, and a comprehensive network of swapping stations. As your ultimate intelligent solution for all e-vehicle requirements, GoSwap is your go-to destination!



GoSwap introduces a cutting-edge line of BMS-enabled Lithium-ion batteries, meticulously crafted to serve as the ultimate turnkey solution for the future mobility demands of 2 and 3-wheeler vehicles. These batteries offer a perfect blend of safety, power, and lightweight construction, ensuring effortless swapping. Embracing Li-Ion technology, GoSwap leaves lead-acid batteries in the past, reshaping the future of all e-vehicles.

Charging Stations

GoSwap’s intelligent swapping station guarantees a rapid exchange of fully charged batteries within just 2 minutes, eliminating the need for prolonged vehicle downtime. Its plug-and-play design facilitates effortless deployment in densely populated regions. The system incorporates modular battery charging, while its connected features enable real-time updates on battery availability and charging progress. Rest assured, all GoSwap batteries undergo charging in a meticulously controlled environment, ensuring exceptional quality and temperature regulation.

Platform Partner Benefits

  • Larger Network: Wide coverage for enhanced accessibility.
  • Ease of Running Business: Transparent, controlled, real-time operations.
  • Consistent Returns: Reliable and steady investment outcomes.
  • Faster Growth: Accelerated business expansion with GoSwap.
  • EV Revolution: Be part of the electric vehicle movement.


GoSwap envisions the e-vehicle future shaped by data and technology. Our relentless commitment to progress drives us to innovate smarter, technology-embedded products that not only gather valuable data but also manage products and deliver real-time updates. Stay connected with GoSwap as we pave the way for a more intelligent and efficient electric vehicle experience.

Data Driven:

GoSwap takes pride in its data-driven charging infrastructure, utilizing cutting-edge technology to monitor battery health and real-time availability. This data-driven approach ensures optimal usage and maximizes the lifespan of the batteries, offering you an unparalleled charging experience.


GoSwap batteries are purpose-built with advanced features, incorporating Battery Management System (BMS) and Telematics functionalities. They are designed to monitor, protect, balance, and communicate seamlessly. Through the power of cloud connectivity, GoSwap batteries provide real-time info.


GoSwap batteries are intelligently equipped with Telematics integration, empowering you with essential data such as kilometers traveled, driving behavior, real-time location, speed alerts, accident notifications, and geofencing capabilities. These advanced features enhance safety and optimization.

Smart Go Swap Lithium-Ion Batteries

Why settle for ordinary Li-ion or Lead acid batteries when you can upgrade to a smarter, more powerful, and efficient choice with GoSwap batteries.

Battery energy density :

GoSwap batteries offer an unbeatable combination of affordability and superior energy density, making them highly efficient and long-lasting compared to standard Li-ion and Lead acid batteries. Embracing GoSwap’s intelligent technology, these batteries stand as a powerful and efficient solution for all your e-vehicle needs.

Zero Maintenance :

With GoSwap Li-Ion batteries, you can say goodbye to the hassles of maintenance that come with Lead-acid batteries, such as constant water checks, terminal cleanings, and gravity checks. We offer a hassle-free experience with our smart GoSwap Li-Ion batteries that are not only lightweight but also budget-friendly. Simply swap and let GoSwap handle the rest, giving you a worry-free and cost-effective e-vehicle solution.

Battery renewal :

GoSwap offers a remarkable deal of 3 years of unlimited battery swapping with no downtime upon registration. Our intelligent GoSwap Li-ion batteries eliminate the need for replacements every 8 months (like Lead acid batteries) or every 2 years (like regular Li-ion batteries). This not only saves you time but also reduces costs significantly, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient e-vehicle solution..

Lightweight :

GoSwap introduces intelligent, lightweight Li-ion batteries that offer real-time updates, weighing merely 13 kgs, in stark contrast to conventional 100kgs batteries. Experience the freedom of traveling light and smart with GoSwap, revolutionizing your e-vehicle journey.

Why Choose GoSwap Ev

Swappable Battery Convenience

Our Swappable Battery Technology allows you to exchange your EV's depleted battery for a fully charged one at our conveniently located battery swap stations.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With our battery swap solution, you play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Unmatched Efficiency

By utilizing swappable batteries, we ensure your electric vehicle spends more time on the road and less time plugged in.

Versatile Vehicle Compatibility

Our Swappable Battery Technology is designed to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle models.

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Join the EV Revolution

Swap, Charge, and Go!

GoSwap EV is committed to driving the electric vehicle revolution in Bangladesh and beyond. Embrace the future of electric mobility with our Swappable Battery Technology and be a part of the sustainable transportation movement.

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